World Health Day || Northern warm tips: pay attention to health, YOU AND ME!!





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World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7 April, and health is a vital part of our lives. With the current normalisation of prevention and control of the COVID-19, we need to pay more attention to our hygiene habits and awareness. This Festival was set up to draw the attention of people around the world to the work of sanitation and health.

We adhere to evidence-based medicine, actively explore the frontier of clinical research, and continue to upgrade and innovate product performance, attribute to the development and production of medical equipment from functional to clinical decision-making transformation, to meet the growing demand for high-performance products for medical personnel.

The Northern Meditec focusing on acute and critical care, committing to OR Solution, Critical Care Solution , NICU Solution,  Family and Veterinary Solution.

We responds to the World Health Organization's call for  "Focusing on Our planet, Our health", not forgetting the original intention to focus on the health of each patient, always escorting life.






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