Good news! Northern Meditec PLM project officially launched!





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     Recently, Northern Meditec held the launch meeting of Kingdee PLM project and announced that the PLM project officially entered the online stage. The PLM project has been fully verified and officially launched after preliminary research, blueprint design, system development, UAT testing and problem tracking and solving.

      In the early stage of the project, the team carried out full implementation research and planned the integration of research, production, marketing and finance in the later stage through the detailed PLM research report, avoiding the possible problems and minimizing the risks generated in the project implementation stage. In the system trial run stage, the problems in the trial run stage are found and solved in a timely manner by means of centralized testing and point-to-point guidance, and the delivery of the system in the later stage is ensured.
When the project is launched, it will realize the online and digitalization of the company's core technology businesses such as R&D document management, project management, BOM management, change management, improve the coordination ability between R&D, engineering, supply chain, production, finance and other departments, reduce manual processing and repetitive work, organically combine information technology, modern management technology, and manufacturing technology, and recognize data at all stages of the product life cycle Product information, development process and supply chain resources are effectively managed to improve the market adaptability and competitiveness of enterprises.
At the later stage of the project launch, the Kingdee PLM project team will also continue to follow up the system operation and deal with the feedback problems in a timely manner to ensure the stable operation of the system, ensure the normal development of Northern Meditec's business and make good use of the PLM system.


      The successful launch of the Northern Meditec PLM system will enhance the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of Norran Mattel, deepen innovation in the R&D field, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. With the accumulation of research and development data, the research and development technology will be precipitated and the pace of digital transformation will be further accelerated.




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