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Started in 1975, the 49th Arab Medical Equipment Expo (Arab Health, hereinafter referred to as the Dubai Exhibition) will be held as scheduled on January 29, 2024. As one of the top events in the global medical device industry, the most cutting-edge international medical technologies and products compete to be unveiled every year. As a "specialized and innovative" enterprise in the research and development and production of high-end medical equipment in China, Northern Meditec will make its debut at the 2024 international event with its latest respiratory anesthesia and monitoring products!




Introduction of exhibitors



Northern Meditec, which has participated in the Dubai exhibition for many years, is still meeting old friends and new partners at the main hall SA.B80 this year. Northern Meditec sent a total of 11 domestic and foreign sales elites to this exhibition, and the results were extraordinary!




Introduction to some of the exhibited models




During the exhibition, Northern Meditec displayed 15 representative products in the product series, multi-dimensionally displaying our research and exploration in respiratory, anesthesia, monitoring and other new fields, and demonstrating China's "specialized and specialized" products with strength. "New" enterprises play an innovative role on the world stage.

In terms of the ventilator series, V1-V8 comprehensively demonstrated Northern's professionalism and innovation in the field of breathing; in terms of anesthesia machines, Atlas N7, a high-end monitoring integrated fully electronic anesthesia machine, was unanimously praised by visitors. This innovative model is refreshing and praised by customers both in appearance and internal functions.

In terms of monitors, the new models PM-12B and PM-15B and the classic model Venus were highly praised by customers; in addition, CPR and other machines also appeared in the exhibit list, marking another step forward for Northern Meditec in the field of emergency transport. A solid step!




Customer visit pictures


At this exhibition, new and old friends from more than 50 countries and regions took this opportunity to get closer to Northern Meditec. At the exhibition, they jointly affirmed our performance in 2023 and expressed their strong willingness to cooperate in 2024. It can be said that this event made all the customers who visited the exhibition satisfied and returned home with a full load!




Highlights from the exhibition



Started in 2012, Northern Meditec has climbed up the stairs;
From Shenzhen, we move forward calmly.
We have a mission on our shoulders and we work hard;
So we will never change our original intention and keep moving forward!


In the new year, Northern Meditec will continue to use its meticulous work and enterprising spirit to achieve greater success and continue its glory. See you at the next exhibition!



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