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The main clinical manifestation of respiratory failure in patients with COVID-19 is hypoxemia accompanied by increased work of breathing, As mentioned in the 7th edition of the "Pneumonia Treatment Protocol for COVID-19", if the patient's respiratory distress and hypoxemia cannot be relieved after receiving standard oxygen therapy, high-flow nasal catheter oxygen therapy or non-invasive ventilation can be considered, especially for critically ill patients who generally need oxygen therapy for more than 2 weeks or even up to 1 month, Oxygen therapy is the most basic and critical treatment measure for patients.

The Northern Meditecs Crius HF3 Humidified High Flow Oxygenator improves the patient's effective alveolar ventilation by outputting a higher flow rate and concentration of air-oxygen mixture than conventional oxygen therapy, while the high flow rate gas mixture can flush the anatomical dead space of the airway, which is conducive to the improvement of ventilation function and the enhancement of oxygenation level.


Precise Oxygen Delivery for Effective Treatment

High precision oxygen concentration control (oxygen concentration range 21%-100%), real-time display of oxygen concentration value, while the upper and lower limits of oxygen concentration can be set. During the adjustment of oxygen concentration, the medical team can observe the patient's blood oxygen saturation in real time to achieve the target oxygenation and ensure patient safety.

More Comfortable Combination OTemperature And Humidity

Crius HF3 gas temperature can be adjusted in a wide range, equipped with a highly sensitive temperature probe, which can output higher relative humidity gas, effectively cleaning the airway mucosa, facilitating alveolar reopening and enhancing patient comfort.

Dynamic Feedback More Safety

With built-in high-sensitivity flow sensor and SPO2 module, HF3 can display oxygen flow and oxygen concentration and monitor blood oxygen, pulse rate and weak perfusion index in real time, equipped with perfect alarm system to remind, control patient treatment status at any time and ensure patient safety.

Easy TUse And TOperate

Knob navigation buttons and shortcut buttons, UI interface is clear and easy to understand, can automatically identify the pipeline,which enables frontline healthcare workers to get up to speed quickly.





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