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Hospitalar stands out as Latin America's leading healthcare business trade show, consolidating its position over its more than 30-year history. It has become the main connecting interface between the various healthcare communities, providing unique opportunities for business, networking and knowledge exchange during the 4-day event. As one of the 400+ Chinese exhibitors, Northern Meditec has contributed its share of China’s intelligent manufacturing and China’s responsibility.
The Brazilian medical device market is the largest in Latin America, with a population of 213 million. According to the forecast of Fitch Solutions (2022), the overall Brazilian market has a promising outlook. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2026 is expected to be 8.0%, and the total value will reach US$5.9 billion. The prospects are very bright!

During the exhibition, Northern Meditec appeared at the Brazilian exhibition with ventilators, anesthesia machines, monitors and household products.
In terms of ventilator series, V6 and V4, as the star products of Northern Meditec ventilators, made a grand appearance at this exhibition, and received unanimous praise from customers for their rich functions and excellent performance, highlighting Northern's outstanding performance. Professionalism and innovation in the respiratory field; in terms of anesthesia machines, the high-end monitoring integrated fully electronic anesthesia N7 machine has been unanimously praised by visitors. This innovative model is refreshing to customers both in appearance and internal functions; in terms of monitors, the classic model monitors and the new plug-in monitors have been highly praised by customers; in addition, home ventilators and other machines also appear in the exhibit list, marking that Northern has taken another step forward in home breathing. A solid step!

Highlights from the exhibition

As a manufacturer of monitoring line products and an exporter of overall solutions, Northern Meditec will continue to export Northern solutions and spirit to the South American world in the future. With its strength, it will pay tribute to China's intelligent manufacturing path and promote it to benefit the people of the world!

Started in 2012, Northern has climbed up the stairs; originating from Shenzhen, we move forward calmly.
With the mission on our shoulders, we will work hard; we will keep our original aspirations and keep moving forward!
In the new year, Northern Meditec will continue to use its meticulous work and enterprising spirit to achieve greater success and continue its glory. 
May 20-23, 2025
Looking forward to seeing you again!




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