Nothern Meditec made a solemn appearance at the 2024 KIHE





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Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE is the largest scientific and practical medicine and pharmaceutical achievement display platform in Central Asia. It brings together professional doctors, pharmacists, government and business representatives from different countries every year; medical equipment for clinics and laboratories Manufacturers and suppliers of products, devices, consumables; medical products for various purposes; equipment used for pharmaceutical preparation production, packaging and labeling, etc. will participate in the exhibition every year.

309 companies from 17 countries including Belarus, China, the Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, the United States, and Uzbekistan. This year 163 companies debuted. 45% of the booths belong to Kazakh companies, which shows the very bright and impressive growth of the development of Kazakhstan’s medical industry.



During the exhibition, Northern Meditec’s three major product lines, ventilators, anesthesia machines, monitors and household products, were unveiled!

In terms of ventilator series, V6 is the star product of Northern Meditec ventilators, and V4 is a new model in the ventilator product line; in terms of anesthesia machines, the high-end monitoring integrated fully electronic anesthesia N7; in terms of monitors, the latest monitor PM-12B and above models, as the company's core products, shined at the Kazakhstan exhibition!


As a manufacturer of monitoring line products and an exporter of overall solutions, Northern Meditec will continue to export our solutions and our spirit to the Central Asian world in the future. At present, my country's land-based One Belt and One Road direction has achieved good development in the fields of investment and economic and trade in Central Asian countries. Northern Meditec will also seize the opportunity to go out and strengthen cooperation with Central Asia in terms of product standards and certification in the medical industry. Communication and cooperation among various countries promote the development of product standards, certification and other work in the medical and health field in China!

The 30th Kazakhstan International Medical Equipment Exhibition


May 21-23, 2025
Almaty, Kazakhstan 
Looking forward to seeing you again!




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